The CannaHelp Story

After a few years in Horticulture, I became interested in the potential medicinal side of plants, initially Australian plants. I broadened my interest to herbal remedies from the past and a more up-to-date spin on some of them.

Around 2005, when Cannabis was being researched and discussed as having positive health outcomes. In 2010, I was lucky enough to gain a position at a fledgling Hydroponic and Garden Store just north of Detroit, Michigan. The store went on to win a public vote, 3 years running, as the best hydroponic store in the Detroit area. The poll was an annual event by a popular street press with many categories, with hydroponic stores being just one.

I maintained my interests until, in 2016, I started experimenting with various formulas based around Comfrey and Hemp Oil. My research bore fruit in 2017 when I started doing market research and selling CannaHelp balms.