Can CannaHelp balms help with recovery from sporting injuries?

The simple answer is, yes, definitely.

They have assisted with recovery from strained tissue damage (muscular and tendon damage), as well as the quick healing of bruising.

Please refer to Ian’s story, a previous football referee, at amateur level, who tore his Achilles Tendon and never thought he would walk normally again.

Advice: Apply to affected area as needed

Does it help with Arthritis? 

All of the balms have proven to relieve pain associated with arthritis.

Customer feedback on this has been very positive. We have had many customers report that the relief of arthritic pain is quick and lasting. It has ranged from instant to fast relief lasting for over 24 hours from application.

Advice: Use daily for better results, or as needed to relieve pain..

Does it help with Eczema? 

Customer feedback on this has been positive. For example –

The effect of the comfrey hemp balm on my eczema was amazing! It completely calmed the red raised spots overnight after the first application. It takes away the itch and has also helped heal the skin!


Advice: Apply to affected areas daily.