CannaHelp Balms (salves) and their History






My initial aim was to source and utilise the highest quality ingredients available to develop a superior formula that effectively reduces, rather than masking, pain. Then to formulate small batches that I had complete control over, intending to maintain an excellent formulation standard and a practical, long-lasting balm or salve that anyone could use.

I started experimenting with various formulas after realising that I would like to create something by combining the beneficial aspects of Hemp Seed Oil and Comfrey.

This was around 2016. Over the next few years, I improved my formula until I was happy with the feedback I was getting from the samples I was distributing.

In late 2017 I was satisfied with my formula and began to investigate the possibilities of a scaled-up version of creating the balm, initially just Comfrey Hemp Balm ).link to page and a further link to sales area)At the same time, I was looking for ways to make it more effective. I decided to make a version that included CBD (a very useful Cannabinoid).

Again, I was seeking the highest quality available, as I knew there was much variation. A new formulation was implemented after establishing a reliable source to produce a balm for chronic pain sufferers.

Even though I thought the smell was quite pleasant, it was reported that some people didn’t find it so enjoyable. So I added Lavender oil to the mix and had very positive feedback from those early detractors. (Link to sales page, Instagram and Facebook accounts}So, around early 2018, I began to grow the Comfrey at a commercial, organic community farm near Dapto, NSW (Dapto Community Farm) Access to the DC farm ensured a supply of fresh leaves and roots to extract Alotonin (the active molecule for pain relief).

The result was a small range of potent balms for relief from mild to severe pain, so CannaHelp(TM) was officially born and taken to a broader audience. Presently we are working on further audience reach and increasing our educational content.

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